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Dr Eldon A. Byrd Rare Interview On Mind Control & Electromagnetic Weapons
Byrd ran Marine Corps EMP weapons project.

Published on Oct 7, 2014
Recording of one of Dr. Byrd’s rare public lectures. Includes highly sensitive information on the topic of mind control. Caution: contains graphic content and should not be listened to by those who might be ‘triggered’ by such content.

Eldon Byrd ran the Marine Corps electromagnetic weapons project in the early 80’s and is one of the very few military mind-control scientists to ever publicly discuss the issue.




NWO: DOMINO EFFECT (2013 Full Documentary) . An extremely sad video documentary.  How could a society remain quite if this is true?





The Pete Santilli Show – YouTube LIVE

County By County – Taking Back America, One Podium At A Time

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  1. Tania McCash

    I am looking for the DOD drone FOIA document that Darlene Miles speaks of on the freedom calls.
    I would appreciate if you could send me the link.

    Thank you.


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